Freezing in Tagaytay

Posted by Cat Ramos
On a weekend trip to Tagaytay
On a weekend trip to Tagaytay

Schatz and I were finally able to on another vacation together, after a very long time. I think the last vacation we had was in…2006, when we went to Puerto Galera (incidentally, the same time as the Wowowee incident). After that, our schedules got crazy and we had to wait until 2009 before we had another one.

We were looking for a place where we can celebrate our anniversary. He was running out of ideas, and suggested that we just go to a spa and hit the mall arcades after. And I was like, duh, that’s what we normally do on dates, so I said no way am I going to spend a special day driving Mario Kart Arcade. We’ve never been to Tagaytay together, and it’s our goal to visit as many places in the Philippines as we can. Since Tagaytay is quite near Manila and relatively cheap, we decided on that.

When we got there, I couldn’t help but compare Tagaytay with Sagada, because of the weather. Many people over at VirtualTourist said that the best time to visit Tagaytay is during the months of December to February, to experience the cold, cold weather.That night, I felt I was coming down with a fever, because we were out of the hotel the entire day in the freezing weather. At night, it gets really windy too and you could really feel the chill entering every single cell of your body. OK, maybe not. But I am not too tolerant of the cold, so maybe that’s how I felt. My boyfriend didn’t have a prob with the weather.

I’ve uploaded a some select pics on Flickr, and hopefully, I’d find time to chronicle the trip in Virtual Tourist…which I have go get done before the next trip comes around this year!

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2 thoughts on “Freezing in Tagaytay

  1. catchan1980

    Arigatou, Tesha-san! 🙂 Re: Virtual Tourist – Pressure, pressure, ack! There’s one thing I am sure I can give you, though. The contact details of the hotel 😛

  2. ashte

    Happy anniversary to you and Wigent-san! Incidentally, my mother and I are planning to go to Tagaytay for her birthday this year. Last year I took her to Baguio City. I think the last time I was in Tagaytay was in 2002! I will look forward to your virtual tourist tips/post on this one.

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