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How to find your GP and dentist in Budapest district IX

Posted by Cat Ramos

I was at dinner with my colleague and I learned that she does not have a “family doctor” yet. Despite living in Hungary for a couple of years now. Color me shocked.

Finding a general practitioner (GP) or háziorvos in Hungarian is very important. When you get sick, you can visit your GP for a check and treatment and may also refer you to specialists, if needed. Also, only GPs can issue the all-important sick leave paper (“pink paper” or orvosi igazolás keresőképtelen állományról) that employees submit to their companies to get sick pay. (I knew this as the pink paper but for my last illness *COVID!*, it was no longer pink.)

But for many foreigners, finding a GP is not very straightforward. In general, your GP is the háziorvos assigned to your street/area in the district where you live. To find out who that person is, your most important source is your district’s official website. Unfortunately, all the district websites look very different from each other and are usually just in Hungarian, and it may be confusing to navigate, especially if you do not know the language. 

To find your GP in district IX Ferencváros (aka the best district ever), you just click HERE. You will then get this page:

From this screen, it is fairly easy. First, choose your zip code from the first dropdown field írányítószám. Then, depending on your zip code, the next field will be populated with only the street names in that particular zip code. Then the third field házszám is your building/house number. Hit the green Keresés button and you will get all your details. Suppose I live in Dandár utca 24, zip 1095. This is how my results look like:

Tadaaaa, found a GP!

The screen shows the name and address of the GP assigned to that particular area.

The less user friendly option

In case the link above does not work, there is another option that is less friendly, albeit with more useful information. Click HERE to access.

First thing to note is that this list is separated by körzet or areas. To find your correct area, open this PDF file at the top of the page:

From there, scroll down the file and look for your address. Here, it shows that the Dandár utca address belongs to the 12th area.

Go back then to the previous page, and scroll down to find the right area number. Expanding the box will give me the doctor’s name, as well as schedule and contact info.

If you are lucky, you might belong to a doctor who went the extra mile and made a proper working website, like Dr. Hilgert Géza below, whose website is available in Hungarian and English.

Can you choose another GP in your district instead of the one assigned to your street?

You absolutely can. If you prefer a female doctor who speaks English, then by all means, find one. You can ask a doctor if you can be registered under them. However, they may not accept you if their patient list is quite big or already full. The only doctor who cannot refuse you is the one assigned to your street.

This is how I got registered to my current GP. I found her name in a little book given to me by my company as a new joiner. The doctor assigned to my then-address was a male doctor, so I tried to look for other names. Thankfully, she accepted me into her list, and I’ve never changed doctors even if I have already changed addresses 🙂

What about dentists?

I got you, fam. It’s as simple as finding your building address in THIS PAGE. Scroll down until you find your address in the alphabetical list.

Clicking the i icon under the name will give you the address, contact information and schedule.

Although if I am being honest, maybe it is worth just seeing a private dentist. Sometimes it takes forever to get an appointment with a public dentist for a simple procedure. Plus the language barrier is a other possible headache.

For this, I highly recommend Royal Dental Clinic on Üllői ut, district VIII. They speak English, Hungarian and Chinese. They have an extensive list of services and you can book appointments online. They are open until 8pm, even on Sundays! So convenient for busy people.

Living in a foreign country is fun but has its challenges…like finding the right doctor and dentist! But your health should be of utmost importance so dear reader in Ferencváros (aka the best district ever), I hope this post helped you in some way. Here’s to a healthier you!

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