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Restaurant name: Sango – The Burger Master


Clockwise from top left: Curry rice, Oyakodon, Sango interior, Omurice


-Maneki Neko



Date of visit
April 5, 2008

What we think
Moeru – Ordered the Omelette Rice (P222). The Sango omurice contains a HUGE serving of chicken-flavored rice encased in soft omelette. As if that was not enough, there was also a siding of flavorful beef stew. A small cabbage salad and some daikon (takuan – radish) sliced were also included in the order. This was a great dish for people with big appetites and a taste for strong stews.

Maneki Neko – Had the Curry Rice (P222), which surprisingly came with a single sunny-side-up
egg on top of the rice. Normally, kareraisu is just rice + curry and a siding of fukujinzuke (otsukemono, their sort of achara for curry rice). The beef in the Sango curry was shredded thinly, instead of the usual menudo-sized cubes of meat. Likewise, the carrots and potatoes were rather small too. Putting that aside, the curry was very tasty, quite different from the usual curry-in-a-box taste, with the right amount of spiciness. Maybe they should do away with the egg, it was so out of place.

Amanatsu – The Menchi Katsu burger (P106), like all Sango burgers, is quite large. The patty is thick, juicy and tasty, but not greasy — which is a common characteristic of fast food burgers. The burger bun is stuffed with a generous amount of shredded cabbage, which the Japanese believes, will aid
the stomach to digest fatty food. Great burger, after all, Sango IS the burger master! For Amanatsu-san, who is a French fries fanatic, the Sango version (P50) tasted quite flat. The vanilla shake (P43), likewise, was not too remarkable.  

Wigent – In Sango’s version of the classic chicken-and-egg dish, Oyakodon (P222), the serving is large too but just enough for Wigent’s appetite ^_^. The oyakodon order comes with a bowl of miso soup which compliments the dry combination of chicken and rice. The chicken is soft and tastes good and further supplemented by slices of onion and shreds of nori.

The Sango service is tops. The staff is very friendly, with everyone greeting you with “Irasshaimase” (with correct pronunciation, at that) as soon as you enter the restaurant. The
Japanese manager is always on top of things, actively supervising the kitchen and taking the time
to go around the dining area to see if the customers need anything. Once, when an accident in the kitchen created a big noise, all of the staff started bowing and saying “Sumimasen” over and over again to all the customers. Food is cooked only after you order it, so expect a few minutes of
waiting time. But, unlike other fast food restaurants, Sango will never keep you waiting
unnecessarily. Squeaky clean and bright, Sango looks like any ordinary fast food restaurant, but
the rows of manga and the TV continuously showing Japanese shows remind you that it is way
better than other fast food joints.

The sound of Japanese conversation or music sure puts you in the mood to enjoy your authentic Japanese fare. Some diners might not notice it, but someone in Sango changes the TV show depending on whether there are kids inside the restaurant. When kids come in, they will change
the show to “Doraemon” or something as cute. When the kids leave, the TV is back to normal adult programming. Talk about proactive. Amanatsu-san joked that she loved the ambience until she saw her Japanese boss (ruined her appetite?).  Wait till you see the washroom! In true Japanese fashion, even the toilet is high-tech. ^_^

Overall, the price might be too much for, let’s say, a bowl of rice with some pieces of meat or a burger. It might not be a good idea to drop by Sango when you’re on a tight budget and it is weeks away from payday. ^_^   

Our rating (out of 10)
Food: 8
Price: 6
Ambiance: 8
Service: 9

Average rating
8 sushi rolls out of 10

Restaurant information
Sango Makati is located in the ground floor of the Creek Side Mall, Amorsolo cor Herrera Street, Makati (Tel. 830-0391). Sango also has a branch at Pearl Plaza Building, Pearl Drive, San Antonio, Ortigas, Pasig (Tel. 636-1991). Sango offers free delivery for all orders worth P300 and up.

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