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Happy birthday to the best BOSS ever, Amami Yuki!

Posted by Cat Ramos

One day before I celebrate my birthday, Amami Yuuki-sama celebrates hers. I love her so much – I think she is the epitome of a strong, beautiful woman. She may be advancing in age, but she does so with much grace. I hope to be like her when I hit my 40s.

I made a simple birthday card for her – this is honestly the FIRST time I am sending a fan letter to a favourite Japanese celebrity! 😀 That is how much I adore her. Anyway, I hope she will like this (and I hope she can read my messy scrawl).

The star diecut and buttons are from All About Scrapbooking, striped paper from My Momenta, rick rack from Craft World, and letter stickers from EK Success.


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4 thoughts on “Happy birthday to the best BOSS ever, Amami Yuki!

  1. KV

    Hello, it’s so awesome that you sent her a birthday card. 🙂 You must adore her a lot. Do you receive reply from her? I’m planning to send her a card, but not sure if she gets it (or only her manager/assistant gets it) because I do want her to actually read it. By the way, where do you live? 🙂

    1. catchan1980

      Hi! Unfortunately, I never got a reply. I don’t know if she actually reads fan mail or it’s just her staff that gets it. I live in Manila 🙂 Do send her a card on her birthday. Who knows, you might get lucky 🙂

  2. catchan1980

    Thanks Elaine-chan!
    She’s just an extraordinary gal who transcends generations and genders!! ♥ I love your parents, haha. 😀

  3. Euryx

    Hello Cat-san! Amami-sama is becoming my most favorite Japanese actress. I have a deep admiration to older women who look cool, clever, and beautiful; and she is the very example for that (as you said. ^^). I want to be like them when I become an adult *wishful thinking*. My parents like her as well. :))
    Looking forward watching Around 40. ^_^


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