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I’ve loved Yakult since I was a kid. There’s just something in that sweet-sour milky drink that makes me just want to chug it down. Sometimes, I wish we had Yakult in bigger sizes, like a liter. Or if not, at least like those you can find in Japan. Bigger and with different flavours.

I love the lemon yakult drink at Happy Lemon but it is not so cheap. My cousin taught me a ridiculously easy way of doing this at home so I don’t have to spend P100 every time I crave for it.

You will need:
Juice of one lemon
3 bottles of Yakult
Sugar to taste (optional)

Seriously easy steps:
1. Empty Yakult into a liter bottle.
2. Pour in lemon juice.
3. Add enough water so the mixture is roughly 1 liter.
4. Mix, mix, mix and chill.

More uses of lemon
Another one of my recent favourite uses of lemon is making lemon zest. Before squeezing out the juice, zest the entire lemon and store in a tight container in the fridge. The smell was heavenly and it is all over my hands. I love it! I can sprinkle the zest over a salad for additional flavour. You can use a sharp paring knife to zest but I got a lemon zester that I really, really love. I suppose you can also use a cheese grater if you don’t want to use a knife.

After juicing, stop! Don’t throw away the lemon. You can still use it to polish your chrome taps and bathroom fixtures. Just rub the lemon (pulp side) on the tap, wait for a few minutes and rinse with water. This will get rid of hard water stains and make your fixtures shine!

Lemons are not exactly cheap in the Philippines (more than P100 for 3 pieces) so maximize their use. ­čÖé

Look at these lovely shreds of yellow!


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