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Gay lingo 101

Posted by Cat Ramos

Confused at what our gay sisterettes are talking about? You’re not alone! I thought I was pretty knowledgeable on gay lingo, having grown up with a gay bestfriend from elementary school. But apparently, gay language has evolved so much in the past years, and I find myself unable to comprehend a single word when they talk.

But thanks to this list from Japinoy.com’s Jam_Kuradoberi-san, I can now have a simple reference on the most commonly used words in the gay language. Enjoy! 🙂

Credits to Jam_Kuradoberi of Japinoy.com. All text and formatting by Jam_Kuradoberi.

Chubs, Chenes n.
1. A lie.
2. Something that is not meant to be taken seriously.

Lafang v.
1. To eat, eating.

Echuserang Froglette adj.
1. A negative title given to those who are labeled as “trying hard” or “ugly”.

Mujer adj.
1. To be beautiful by using different kinds of make ups and ukay ukay dresses.

Andalucia n.
1. Local currency.

Engga n.
1. The state of drunktardness.

Machokla n.
1. Shortened form of “Machong Bakla“.

Imbey, Imbers v.
1. The act of annoyance.

Pagoda Cold Wave Lotion n.
1. Tired.

Aketchiwa n.
1. Me.

Iskwala Lumpur n.
1. Informal Settlers AKA Squatters.

Wynona Rider n.
1. Winners.

Luz Valdez n.
1. Losers.

Karumba n.
1. A vehicle that is mass manufactured and sold at a high price for everyone. It contains luxury, privacy, and comfort.
2. Car.

Keri v.
1. Can do. Also “Keribells”.

More to come, as soon as I dig up the old posts! 😀

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2 thoughts on “Gay lingo 101

  1. catchan1980

    Pwede! Haha. Ay 11pm na pala, antokyo japan na ako kasi maaga pa akong nagising kanina! 😛

  2. ashte

    My favorite gayling term would have to be antokyo, japan (adj) sleepy! 🙂 That’s courtesy of my friend/hair stylist Willy V hehe

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