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Going, going…back!

Posted by Cat Ramos

I’m finally baaaaack! I hope.

Back to blogging

It’s been a very busy 2 months for me. I didn’t have time for anything else except work. In July, I was busy training and supervising my replacement – who turned out to be more than I could handle, but I don’t want to talk about her anymore 😀 Then in August, Schatz came home for a short vacation from work. Because we hadn’t seen each other for a loooong time, we decided we’re going on a vacation to Palawan. Mommy also came with us — we made it into a big birthday vacation: BB (July), mommy and me (August) and Schatz (September). 😀 Palawan is such a lovely place — I want to go back there sometime and explore more.  Will post more about the trip in later entries — but that reminds me: I still haven’t finished all of the Vigan ones!!

When we were in Palawan, my sister came home for a 1 month vacation. She was pissed that I wasn’t in Manila when she arrived and wasn’t talking to me for days. Ugh. But we made up and she gave me the iPhone I ordered from Dubai — she gave me a discounted price as a birthday present 😀 I am currently using a Globe prepaid sim on the iPhone — which means, walang silbi ang iPhone ko kasi abnoy ang signal ng Globe sa Pasig. My Globe landline is still not working and I have the crappiest internet connection (also by Globe). When I get things sorted out with the internet people at work, I’m going to get a PLDT landline-DSL subscription.

Anyway, as soon as I got back from vacation, I started on a new role at work. And a new shift. I used to work on London hours, now I work Sydney hours. Argh! My body clock is seriously messed up, and I still haven’t adjusted to having to wake up at 4am and getting to bed at 9pm. 🙁 I’m always sleepy at work and my regular 2-3 cups of coffee do not really help much.

But no matter…because I am finally getting my life back!! Back to shopping and malling and meeting friends after work. I LOVE, LOVE IT 😀

Back to quilling

I’ve rediscovered my love for quilling (aka paper filigree) when I went back to my family’s house one day and rummaged through my old stuff. I was just checking if my Harry Potter books were OK when I came across my stash of quilling paper strips. Most of them weren’t in good condition but I can use them for something else (like cards and scrapbook layouts). National Bookstore has stopped selling them, but thankfully, I discovered Craft World. They do no have a lot of colors of paper but that’s better than nothing.

Back to card making

I dug up my old books from the bodega — I missed making cards. I realize I will never make a business out of this, but it’s something I enjoy doing — and giving away. Only made 2 so far in the last 3 months, but only because I consider card making special and I don’t “mass produce”. I did something silly with the card for my colleague. 😀 Maybe I’ll post that one soon!

Back to scrapbooking

I went way past my deadlines to finish my scrapbooks. But for the past few weeks, I’ve been making layouts like crazy, and hopefully, I can finish Vigan, and 50% of Bohol before November rolls in, and maybe get started on the Palawan one and the secret album. 😉 I’m no longer buying a lot of stuff  — I just try to stick with whatever I have and buy only when I really NEED to. Maybe it was a good thing that my sister wasn’t able to spend time at my apartment when she was in Manila — otherwise, she’ll tell my parents that I’m hoarding things again. My scrapbook stuff are THAT many.

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