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I succumbed to the MAC 187!

Posted by Cat Ramos

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OK, I’ve just bought my very first MAC 187 brush — the Cadillac of all makeup brushes. Wallet damage is P2950. BUUUUT guess what? I don’t care.  I’m just so happy to finally have one of my own, after reading so much raves about it.  I know, I know, I’m such a late bloomer.

I do have an inexpensive but good stippling brush that does the job — but many girls say that nothing can even come close to the 187. Which means, I can get even better-looking makeup if I get the 187.  So I did.  I was actually planning to go to MAC on Monday, but Schatz is coming over — so no malling on Monday.  Plus, I picked a fight with him at lunch today and to make myself feel better, I got myself the 187.  Nyahahaha. We also made up and I’m feeling 1000% better. ^___^

Here’s a pic of the new baby:

Still quite smelly.  Can’t wait to get home and give her a nice bath so I can use it tomorrow morning. ^_^


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