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OMG! Harry Potter is the best! (SPOILER ALERT)

Posted by Cat Ramos
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: SPOILER ALERT!
***Read at your own risk ***

So many unexpected twists, so many interesting characters, so many deaths…

I thought I prepared myself for all the blood, and I thought as long as Hagrid makes it alive, I was ok…but I was wrong.

I was surprised (to say the least) about who did not make it till the end (just some notable characters):

Hedwig – Hedwig!? Yep, the owl was the first to go. Hit by a curse when Harry was being transported from Privet Drive.
Mad-Eye – NOOOOO! His magical eye was later found stuck to the door of Umbridge’s office at the Ministry. That bitch. She was using the eye to spy on the Ministry rank and file.
Scrimgeour – I just had to mention him. He became Minister of Magic after Fudge. The baddies killed him off too.
Ted Tonks – Nymphadora Tonks’ dad, a Muggle.
Fred Weasley – (*&^%!
Remus Lupin – Yes, the werewolf…He died in the Battle of Hogwarts
Nymphadora Tonks – Died with her husband, Remus…She gave birth to a boy, whom they named Teddy Remus Lupin, and Harry is godfather. Now, little Teddy is an orphan. 🙁

But the death that affected me most was DOBBY’s. 🙁 Yep, the Malfoys’ former house elf. He died saving Harry. Once again, Dobby saved Harry but this time, he did not survive. Couldn’t hold back the tears. I just had to cry for him. Damn Bellatrix. It felt really good when Mrs. Weasley killed her.

But I am happy Snape was vindicated in the end. I knew he was a good guy…a little too lovesick for my taste, but he was ok.

The ‘Deathly Hallows’ were supposed to reveal clues when translated to different languages. Here are a few:

French: de mort sanctifie
German: tödlich heiligt
Spanish: mortal santifica
Japanese: 死んだように神聖化する

I don’t think they made a lot of sense, and the nearest was the Spanish translation.

Because I was devouring the book so fast, I might have skimmed over some bits of information. Like, why were Lily’s eyes important? I don’t think it was THAT important. I want to re-read it…but Aya is waiting (tagal na nagsabing next siya sa book). How long will I have to wait again…

As expected, Harry ends up with Ginny (whose real name is actually GINEVRA…I thought all along it was VIRGINIA…Will have to read Chamber of Secrets again. I just had to make sure.); they have 3 kids: James, Albus Severus and Lily. Ron marries Hermione and have 2 kids together: Rose and Hugo. ^_^

Oh yeah, Dumbledore is really dead. Now get over it! 😛

Some bit of Potter news from Japan: Book doesn’t conjure up long lines in Japan

Well, that was quite expected, wasn’t it? They don’t really want to read a thick novel in English. Why does Matsuoka-sensei need a year to translate?! Pinoys are lucky, we can read English ^_~

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    GINEVRA! she must drink a lot. ahahahaha

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