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Phoenix Wright fantasy live-action: I’m on a roll!

Posted by Cat Ramos

Too many late nights at work has its benefits, after all. These past 2 weeks have been hell at work for me and the London team; the earliest I get home is 12 midnight. But because I spend so much time awake, I was able to ‘cast’ more people for my fantasy PW line-up. Nyahahaha. I’m really taking this waaaay too seriously.

Morgan Fey – OK, she is the mother of Pearl. Haha. Every time I read that, I want to laugh. Mother of Pearl. Anyway, for the role of Morgan Fey, I originally thought of Fujiwara Norika for reasons I still can’t understand. Maybe it’s the not-so-kind stare, her cold aura. But she’s too young to be a mother of Pearl (hekhek) and a mother of…someone who is not as young as Pearl. Older than Pearl. Then it hit me: why not Natsuki Mari. She might be familiar to some as “Catherine” from Nobuta. You know, that Vice Principal with the cackling laugh? Or Kitou-sensei in the Iryuu TV series. Looks a bit like a witch. Has the ability to sound like one too.


Yanni Yogi – I won’t go into Yogi’s history anymore, lest I spoil the game for people who haven’t played Phoenix Wright DS (seriously, what are you doing with your Nintendo DS, anyway??). Below is how he looks and if you put some hair on Takenaka Naoto‘s head, he can be very convincing as Yogi. People might remember him as Milch/Stressemann in the Nodame Cantabile live action series, but I think he looks the part and he can dress the part of Yogi. Is it just me, or does he look sleazy in this pic? Or maybe he really does look sleazy naturally. Sleazy, slimy Yanni Yogi. Ick.


Larry Butz – When something smells, it’s usually the Butz; and when you need someone who looks like he smells, your choice is usually Morita Go. Hehehe. I picked him for the role because it looks very easy for him to play a wacky character like Larry. His acting is always effortless, whether he is playing a serious character (Lunch no Joou) or a goofy one (Kuitan). He is a little older than my Phoenix and Miles versions but I don’t think that is a big issue.


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